Using Computer Warriors is a “NO BRAINER” because they “GET IT”

Our company is small, but our computer issues can be large problems for us. Computer Warriors fulfills every request promptly, professionally, and personally.

Working on-site or remotely, the techs at Computer Warriors are our reliable go-to guys for our IT needs. Rather than navigating a complex and time-wasting phone system, we easily reach Computer Warriors and get the help we need quickly.

I will never forget when Brian Satz, the owner of Computer Warriors, met me at our company’s office at 6:30 AM to get our server working as soon as the roads became passable after Hurricane Florence hit us.

Mike Gawinski President
Rulmeca Corporation
Wilmington, NC

Team Players & Regular Consults

The team at Computer Warriors is always fast in handling our needs. They are very knowledgeable in the areas that we need them.

Our solutions specialist, Brian, meets with us quarterly to ensure our solutions are working for us and to handle any new issues. Whenever we are looking to upgrade hardware or when we transitioned to remote work, Brian spent a great deal of time to develop options for us.

If you are looking for an IT company that is more like a partner and team player, then Computer Warriors is right for you!

Paula Web Assistant Town Manager
Town of Swansboro
Swansboro, NC

Rapid Response

The biggest benefit our business has gained since switching to Computer Warriors IT Support is their responsiveness when crisis issues arise.

We can't afford downtime, and Computer Warriors is always there. They keep us up to date whenever they work with us, and their communication is impeccable.

I like that they know our systems well, so whenever new tech is introduced, they can quickly integrate it with our current systems with little effort.

Chris Owens IT Manager
Jacksonville Heating Contractors Inc.
Jacksonville, NC

Responsive & Competitively Priced

Having an agreement with Computer Warriors is like having an in-house IT group that is just as responsive. Over the years, Computer Warriors has been able to quickly source equipment as we have grown and our business needs have changed.

I feel very comfortable in the knowledge that we are in good hands. Computer Warriors provides competitively priced, fast, friendly, and professional services. They are extremely responsive and quick to provide the support we need when we need it.

Matt Timberlake General Manager
Timberlake Ventures
Wilmington, NC

Thorough, Headache Free Support

We opted to switch to Computer Warriors after our previous IT support person provided substandard service. They responded to our initial request quickly and completed a full IT system analysis which was very helpful. Brian came to our office with a system summary and help overhaul our systems with high risk items prioritized so we could address them first.

Computer Warriors handles all of our IT needs which has relieved me of the headaches with the ever changing world of IT. Computer Warriors brings a level of knowledge I expect from an IT company. They are the best choice, especially if other providers are grasping at straws to correct problems.

John Nichols Owner
John E. Nichols PLLC
Wilmington, NC

Reliable & Professional

Since switching to Computer Warriors IT Support every person we have dealt with is knowledgeable and competent. We love that tickets are done right the first time, and don't require several follow up requests.

I would recommend Computer Warriors IT Support because of their integrity and their ability to always exceed our expectations. Any time we have questions they are answered with specific details and then some.

Beth Campbell Onslow United Transit
Jacksonville, NC

We Are Heard

Computer Warriors IT Support has enabled our business to fully delegate the workload of maintaining a start of the art information technology system. They listen to us whenever we have issues with our systems, hardware, software, or user problems. They are never dismissive with our concerns and acts quickly to resolve anything we have.  After thorough evaluation of their capabilities, we feel as if Computer Warriors is our IT department.

President of Microsolv Technology Corporation

True peace-of-mind!

Since Computer Warriors IT Support took over our account from another provider in 2011, the security, protection, and support is a true blessing! Our staff is not very computer savvy, so we must rely on professionals to help us with our virus protection, firewall, and other security services. They give us true peace-of-mind, as we are extremely happy with our relationship with them. Their techs are wonderful people and really know their stuff! Call any of their clients, myself included, and you will get similar positive feedback. I highly recommend them over anyone else in the area.

Scott Wheeler Vice President
SFI Insurance Group
Surf City, NC

One-Stop-Shop For IT Needs

With Computer Warriors IT Support, we know that our needs will are listened to, and any job will be handled efficiently.

They meticulously documented all of our devices and codes to develop solutions swiftly for any problem. We entrust them with hundreds of devices and are confident that our operations will not fail during business hours.

I am a strong advocate for Computer Warriors and their team. The team is engaged, competent, and helpful whenever we need them.

Dennie Underwood Practice Administrator
Johnston Pain Management
Jacksonville, NC

Instant Response

Computer Warriors IT Support delivers instant, on the spot responses when dealing with any issue that arises. The team is diligent and consistent with their follow through with projects and solutions.

As a growing company, we need the job done right the first time. If you need the same out of an IT provider, then go with Computer Warriors IT Support. We have enjoyed several years of professionalism and a solid business/working relationship throughout the entire company.

Elizabeth Shippey CFO/ Controller
Wilmington Air
Wilmington, NC

High-Level Customer Service

I have relied on Computer Warriors IT Support for over ten years. As a long-term client, the biggest benefit I have realized from their service is a VERY HIGH level of technical competence and customer service.

The team’s level of technical competence is on a level far above other IT providers I used in the past. They have a can-do attitude when approaching any technical problem and tackle it with excellent support. The hallmark of Computer Warriors IT Support is that they will solve any problem, no matter how big or small.

I’ve made this recommendation several times and will make it again: If you have an IT problem that needs to be fixed and you want the problem fixed right, call Computer Warriors IT Support!

Ed Wilkinson

Quick Resolution

Since switching to Computer Warriors IT Support, we are continued to be impressed by their ability to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly. Whenever we need them, they also come up with a solution, all the while considering our budgets.

They have enabled us to minimize the hidden costs that other IT providers charge without cutting corners. We highly recommend Computer Warriors IT Support to any growing firm with a need for a reliable IT team.

Debbie Caldwell Lewis Farms and Nursery
Rocky Point, NC

Part Of Our Team!

Computer Warriors IT Support isn’t like any IT company that we have worked in the past. They are indeed a part of our team, helping us to grow and prosper. The biggest benefit to our business is the ability of basically having someone on staff that I can contact at any moment.

Everyone on their staff is extremely friendly and helpful when we need them. I enjoy knowing that they have certain guys that I can ask for help, and aren’t just some other voice on the other side of the phone.

I recommend Computer Warriors IT Support, who wants a partner in their business. They really care about their clients, and each time I call, it’s a personal encounter, not a standard tech support call.

Rhonda Reuter President
RJS Heating & Air
Wilmington, NC

Honest Professional IT Company

Since switching to Computer Warriors IT Support, we have an extremely reliable provider there to help us. Their technical expertise is on a level that few other IT providers can match.

If you are looking for an honest IT provider, look no further than Computer Warriors IT Support. They offer a professional service at a fair price. Every time we need them, they are there without delay.

Rick Cox

Excellent Protection, Affordable Prices

The biggest benefit to our town in choosing Computer Warriors IT support is their increasing level of service, lifting the burden from our staff.

We have the same needs for protection and efficient systems that bigger towns and cities have. However, as a small town, we do not have a dedicated IT staff. Computer Warriors affords us greater protection and solutions to all of our computer needs. Their affordable solutions enable us to serve our residents quicker, safer, and more effectively.

I strongly recommend Computer Warriors IT Support for all towns that do not have an in-house IT team. Being a coastal town, they have given us the peace of mind to know that we will also be functional, even in the event of storms. For a reliable, forward-thinking team, look no farther than Computer Warriors IT Support.

Michael Rose Town Manager
Topsail Beach, NC

Personalized Attention!

The best thing about Computer Warriors IT Support is they are there whenever we need them. The staff is always knowledgeable, reliable, and consistent in their delivery of service.

I am not a techy person, but Computer Warriors IT Support has always taken the time to explain how things work and why they make certain recommendations. I fully trust and rely on their technical knowledge and expertise.

Randall Siegel President
Signature Plumbing
Wilmington, NC