Have you ever had someone come up to you and say, “He’s, or she’s just lucky,” or “you’re so lucky” to have the things in your life? This idea annoys me because it makes it seem like we have no control over our outcomes or destiny. Being “lucky” is a victim mindset, in my view, indicating that you can just be “unlucky,” and that’s the reason you have poor outcomes in life or business.

I agree that there are some seemingly random events and a degree of “luck” in almost everything. However, I’ve heard before that “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Preparation is the keyword here. It’s tough to get lucky if you can’t take advantage of the opportunity at hand. It’s also more difficult to be unlucky when you have enough tools in your toolbelt to navigate a tricky situation.

Jim Rohn once said, “don’t wish life were easier, wish you were better.” I like this because this puts me back in control of my outcomes, rather than blaming being “unlucky” for the way things turned out.

I’m unwilling to give up control of my destiny so easily to the chance of luck or circumstance. I own my outcomes, good or bad. This is due to my mindset, practice, preparation, and choices. That is truly empowering as a business owner and an everyday human being.