Core Values

We believe in Extreme Ownership

Coming from Jocko Willink's book, Extreme Ownership, this leadership principle is about taking ownership up and down the chain of command, accepting responsibility for our actions (or lack of action), and avoiding blaming others, making excuses, or living in denial.

We believe in constant and never-ending improvement and development

We strive to continually improve ourselves, both personally and professionally. We believe if you aren't growing, you are dying. We must continue to improve in all that we do and become better every day.

We deliver outstanding customer service

We must over-deliver and exceed client expectations if we expect to grow, retain clients, and receive referrals. We focus on proactive communication, meet our deadlines, and have exceptional follow-up. We work with integrity and do what we say we are going to do. When we fail to deliver, we go above and beyond to make it right.

We add more value to our clients than ANYONE else in our industry

We focus on value delivered, and find ways to continually improve our offerings, delivering service at competitive prices, and ensuring that our clients are better protected and better served than they can get anywhere else. This also means we never stop finding ways to improve the quality of our client's systems and lives.

We focus on growth and profitability, for the sake of our employees, our clients, our community, and the world!

Without profit, there is no life in a business. Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity. With profit, we can change lives, improve, grow, and fulfill our mission. Without it, it doesn't matter how good we are, we will not survive to help anyone.

We are hungry and always strive to do more

Hunger is a key element of what we believe makes team members and companies successful. Always striving to be more productive, to take on new challenges and tasks, and to perform at the highest level. Laziness is not tolerated here. It is important to carry your own weight, so that the team can rely on you.

We focus on results first

Results matter. Period. As a company, and as individuals, we focus on results, measuring our performance, and pushing to hit our goals.