How To Earn Big $$$ Helping
Other North Carolina Municipalities & Business Owners Succeed 

Refer Other Business Owners Or Municipality Leadership To Us For A Consultation If They Become A Client, We’ll Cut You A Check For Their First Month’s Service Value! We Believe In Rewarding Good Behavior! 

Who’s A Good Referral For Us? 

  • Anyone who needs to outsource IT services, be it managed services, cybersecurity, IT consulting, cloud services, etc. to help their business grow or protect their systems.
  • They must be the owner of the business, office/practice manager, or in a municipality's administration.

Where Can You Find People To Refer? 

  • Other peer groups you are a member of (ASCII, HTG, and ConnectWise user groups, NCLGISA, etc).
  • Social Media
  • Upcoming events you will be attending with your peers.
  • Doing a 'mass referral by having us talk to a Channel Manager of one of your vendors.

How To Refer Someone To Us 

  • Simply e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 910-218-8136 to let us know who you’d like to refer to, and we can take it from there. You can also send your referral an e-mail making the introduction and copy us. Ask us about creating a custom appointment link that the person you refer can book a FREE IT assessment with one of our Solution Specialists. Anytime a client books with YOUR link, it will be tracked in our system.


  • If a referred person is a qualified lead with at least five computers & a server.
  • If the lead signs a contract, we will pay you their FIRST MONTH'S service value.
  • We want to make it SUPER EASY for you to refer others to us. If you know of a way we can bring our message and services to a larger group, let us know, and anyone signed from that group will go towards your referral reimbursement!
  • If you are an employee of an organization and referral, get a $50 Visa Gift Card for your referral!
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